Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Down With Love

Let Me Share With You My....

Current LOVES 

1. I've been O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with Revlon's "Super Lustrous" Lipstick! They are so amazing & I just can't get enough! The other day I was in Walmart for about 30 min switching all of them! The ones in the picture are Just Enough Buff, Temptress, Cha Cha Cherry & Peach Me (Left to Right) 

2. If you guys saw my latest video then you know I'm going to Miami in a week to visit family! I am super excited to be under the hot Florida sun & finally go to the beach! 

3. Here we go...guys, I have a serious addiction & I know you might be saying "We know Diana, you love Makeup & Clothes"- but no, I'm about to reveal another addiction & that is to....Chocolate & Candy! Seriously, I love, love, love it! I HAVE to have something sweet everyday otherwise I go crazy ( :s) 

4. The Slatkin & co. candles are my favourite (You can buy them at Bath & Body Works)!  I am especially loving the Vanilla & Coconut one!  The bigs ones are really pricey ($20) so I usually only pick them up when they have a 2 for $25 sale! A Must have for relaxation! 

5. My last current love are wide-brim, flimsy hats! They are so glam & elegant. But, I haven't been able to find ones that I absolutely love, I've searched everywhere! MUST. HAVE. NOW! The ones in the picture are from Windsor Store, which you can get here & here, if you're interested in picking one up!                (& no i'm not sponsored by them) 

Current HATES

1. I have a love/hate relationship with this product. Seche Vite is the best top coat  I've ever used. It dries really quick, makes my polish last forever & leaves a really nice gloss....but it smells awful & it starts to get really thick when its about half way done, making it almost impossible to use. I feel like i'm in an abusive relationship with this product!! I love to hate you & I hate to love you *sigh* 

2. Let me just say that the weather in Toronto has been awful for the last couple of days! Thank goodness- Hallelujah! That the sun came out today because its been gloomy & rainy since forever- My eyes were aching when I saw the sun ! I need my summer weather back, thanks! 

3. Okay, so I've been going through a mascara crisis over the last few months. I like to think of my eyelashes as "special" because no matter what I do, I can't get them to look voluminous & full! If you guys have any suggestions or have a holy grail mascara that I need to try please tell me! I need YOUR HELP! 

4. My last hate these hideous shoes that decided to come back in style this season- CLOGS! I just think they are awful- they make you look like you've gain weight & make your legs look shorter. I mean I'm all for personal style & following the latest trends but I have yet to see someone who rocks these shoes in a way that makes me say "Hey! I NEED those!".

-I Would Love to Know what YOUR Current Love & Hates are! Let it All out! :)- 
-Hope You Enjoyed- 

♥ Diana. 

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  1. haha this is so great!!
    you got a blog~ <3
    Seriously, I want to thank you for your videos~
    Are you psychic or something?! XD
    Every video is so useful ( girls who have dilemmas over what to wear with their oxfords... >__<)
    Though you are not known as well as Michelle Phan or Bubz, you have great videos ^__^
    who knows? maybe you'll be the next big thing!
    hope you continue to update this blog~
    kat :)