Friday, May 13, 2011

Some Exciting News!

I previously blogged about my appearance on MuchMusic's show #Trending, however I think blogger was PMSing so it got deleted! (all is forgiven, we are starting fresh!)

So last week one of my videos appeared on #Trending, I basically grew up watching MuchMusic so the though of being on one of their shows was really exciting! If you didn't get a chance to catch the segment click HERE (#10) 

The producers of the show, Tim & Arlene also asked me if I  part of their Prom Special & of course I said yes! On Monday, they took me & two other beauty gurus on YT (Chantilliscious & RachSpeed) to an amazing dress shop in called "Original"- I have never seen more colour or sparkle in my life! 


The whole day was so much fun! The camera followed us around as we browsed through dresses & talked about the latest trends! 

The segment aired today at 6 & I was super excited- I can't believe they managed to cut 50 minutes of footage down to 2min!!

If you didn't get to watching, you can check it out HERE (#6), let me know what you think & what dress you preferred!

Thanks For All The ♥ xox Diana. 


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